About Us

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At iHealthSuite.com, our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes. In addition to providing affordable education systems, we apply technology in a pragmatic and practical way to help you deliver an unprecedented level of post discharge care - tracking, monitoring, follow-up, education, and support.

As part of our mission to help you provide the best care possible, we intend to continually improve and expand our 'suite' of products and services - so please check back here regularly for progress updates. Sign up for our email updates. We promise to only send you an email when we have something genuinely new to report, and we'll never disclose your email address to a third party!

While iHealthSuite.com is new, our leadership has been involved in healthcare since 1980, designing and implementing education and automation technology for hospitals and healthcare facilities. As a result, we have the depth and experience to deliver practical and user-friendly solutions.