Mobile Ready

"iHealthSuite" supports tablets and smartphones!

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On Demand

Play content to patient room televisions on demand. Patients can start using bedside telephone. Staff can start using PC, Tablet or smartphone.

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Schedule Content

Content can be scheduled on a 7 day schedule.

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Peer Reviewed

Content in the iHealthSuite content library is rated and reviewed by iHealthSuite subscribers.

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iHealthSuite Apps

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Video Educator App

The Video Educator App provides hospitals with a simple and inexpensive way to deliver on-demand and scheduled video educational content to the patient television. Patients can order videos on-demand 24 hours per day using the bedside telephone. A web browser interface allows you to upload and schedule videos, and to review and print usage and comprehension reports.


We know that when it comes to health care, "affordable" seems to be a cliché. However, for us it's more than just a buzzword. The team at focused on leveraging technology to make the system inexpensive enough that it can be installed in a small clinic, yet robust enough to fully serve the needs of a large teaching hospital. Our goal is to turn educational content delivery into a resource that every healthcare facility can provide to their patients and staff.

  • On-demand video, launched via bedside telephone
  • Scheduled channel(s)
  • Easy to install and configure, works with existing infrastructure
  • Fully automated delivery of content available 24/7
  • Branded information channel
  • JCAHO compliance reporting
  • ADT Interface

Care Transitions App

iHealthSuite improves the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare you extend to patients AFTER they leave the hospital. It allows you to provide them with the help and information they need to be their own best caregivers. And, it lets you monitor their progress on a daily basis without substantially increasing your workload. It offers your patients many of the benefits of an extended hospital stay, while allowing them to remain in their own homes.

For Patients

  • One-stop access to health records, history, and caregiver information
  • Access to relevant information, resources, and support services in their geographical area
  • A way to ask questions and express concerns, that doesn't rely on a phone call or a visit to the doctor
  • A convenient way for family and friends, (even those who don't live nearby), to help manage care and recovery

For Healthcare Facilities

  • Less cost
  • Fewer re-admissions
  • Better quality of life for your patients
  • An opportunity to provide more follow-up care without increasing workload

Our Mission

iHealthSuite's primary mission is to improve healthcare outcomes. We do this by making education easy and affordable, and by providing ways to extend active health care outside hospital walls and beyond the time of discharge. Simply stated, our goals are qualitatively and measurably better treatment and outcomes, greater patient satisfaction, and greater caregiver satisfaction, at lower cost.